About ND Formulas

ND Formulas was created by Long Island, NY naturopathic doctor Jillian Finker, ND, founder of Finker Wellness. Recognizing the importance of providing high-quality, scientifically-studied vitamins and dietary supplements to her patients, Dr. Finker founded ND Formulas in 2003 to help her provide the best possible care to her patients.

Based on her naturopathic approach, Dr. Finker believes the body heals best when it’s provided the tools it needs to function optimally — and this often begins with what we consume. By hand-selecting the purest, most effective formulations for her supplement line, Dr. Finker is able to offer her patients all-natural solutions to help them achieve their wellness goals.

ND Formulas’ suite of products feature all-natural support for improved energy, sleep, digestion, hormonal balance, weight management, and more.

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