CoQ10 Support

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Designed to support your body’s natural antioxidant activity, fight harmful free radicals, and support healthy aging, CoQ10 Support provides an easy-to-absorb form of CoQ10 known as ubiquinol to quickly and efficiently provide your body with the energy it needs to function at its best.

What It Does

  • Supports antioxidant activity in lymph, blood, and cell membranes
  • Neutralizes superoxide and other free radicals
  • Supports healthy aging and cardiovascular health

How It Works

  • Provides ubiquinol, a fully bioavailable form of CoQ10 to aid in efficiently providing energy to the body
  • ​​More effectively raises CoQ10 levels in the liver (the main target tissue), followed by kidney, heart, and brain, according to research
  • Aids in the regeneration of vitamins C and E to improve overall antioxidant status and help to maintain normal levels of free radical activity in the body

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How to Use

  • Take 1 to 2  soft gels daily, or as directed by your doctor.