Selenium Support

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Designed to support thyroid health, skin elasticity, heart health, immunity, prostate health, and fertility, Selenium Support features 200 mcg of highly absorbable selenium citrate in one convenient capsule.

What It Does

  • Supports thyroid, cardiovascular, and skin health 
  • Supports immune system function and lowers antibody production
  • Aids prostate health and fertility

How It Works

  • Protects normal cell function by supporting the body’s natural defenses and scavenging harmful free radicals
  • Aids fat metabolism by balancing thyroid hormone
  • Supports the production of prostaglandins, enzymes, and hormones to decrease platelet aggregation, detoxify unwanted substances, and strengthen the immune system

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How to Use

  • Take one capsule once or twice daily, or as directed by your doctor.