Vitamin D 2000

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Created to replenish vitamin D3 levels and support your bone health, immune function, neurological health, healthy blood sugar metabolism, and more, Vitamin D 2000 provides 2,000 IU of highly absorbable vitamin D3 in a convenient and easy-to-swallow soft gel.

What It Does

  • Promotes bone health, dental health, and musculoskeletal comfort
  • Supports healthy cell differentiation, immune function, and neurologic and cognitive health
  • Helps maintain cardiovascular health and supports healthy blood sugar metabolism 

How It Works

  • Helps maintain the body’s levels of vitamin D to aid in the absorption of calcium to promote skeletal health and bone density
  • Beneficially impacts the body’s biochemistry and various body systems by providing calcitriol, the metabolic product of vitamin D that targets more than 200 genes in a variety of tissues throughout the body
  • Provides 2,000 IU of vitamin D3 in one convenient softgel to help replenish depleted levels due to dietary limitations, limited sunlight exposure, or depleting therapies

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How to Use

  • Take 1 soft gel daily, or as recommended by your doctor.