Vitamin D Mulsion Drops

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Specially created using a specific microemulsification process to be highly absorbable, Vitamin D Mulsion Drops provide the health-promoting benefits of vitamin D3, including supporting your immune, bone, and cardiovascular health while remaining gentle on your stomach.

What It Does

  • Promotes bone strength, dental health, and musculoskeletal comfort
  • Supports immune function, neurologic and cognitive health, and healthy cell differentiation
  • Supports cardiovascular health and healthy blood sugar metabolism 

How It Works

  • Features a liquid formula of vitamin D, sunflower oil, and purified water designed to aid proper absorption
  • Provides 1,000 IU of pure vitamin D3 per drop 
  • Supports the body’s biochemistry by providing calcitriol, the metabolic product of vitamin D that targets more than 200 genes in a variety of tissues throughout the body

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How to Use

  • Take 1 drop, one to five times daily, or as recommended by your doctor, either directly on the tongue and swallowed or mixed with a beverage of your choice. Shake well before using and refrigerate after opening.